4 Rules of Buyer Commission Savings

We have already established your path forward with exceptionally large savings on the listing agent side with our Full-Service listing with a 1% Listing Fee.
 But what about buyer’s agent commission and potential savings for you the home seller?
Here are 4 Rules about Buyer’s Commission Savings:
Rule #1
Poential Savings is determined by the size of your purchase price (more expensive have bigger savings) and current competing inventory (other houses in your neighborhood currently for sale).  
Rule #2
You can typically reduce the buyer’s agent commission minimally ¼ of a percent for lower price properties, from 2.5% (typical commission) to 2.25%.  Instant savings of a 1/4 on almost all listings! 
Rule #3
Larger properties are typically where bigger savings occur!  A million-dollar home and up in most cases, can reduce their commission to 1.5% vs 2.5% (net savings $10,000 on a $1,000,000 dollar home).
Your saving potential is case by case so contact us . You will always receive and open and candid conversation about all potential savings options when it comes to commission savings.  This will most certainly include the buyer’s agent’s commission as well.